b'10A Sad FarewellWe bid a sad farewell to ourdayssowellandwithfondnessdespiteitbeing longest standing employeehard work.There were no diggers, so foundations were dug the hard way with a spade, and we used in MarchDyfed Williams,totransport27tonnesofconcreteforajobby R E M M U S / 1 9 senior installer, retired afterwheelbarrowandthenpouritinbyhandback breaking work but we knew no better so it was part an impressive 32 years withand parcel of the job. There was also no scaffolding, R 0 Peninsula.which is hard to believe nowadays but again, as we E 2T - knew no better you used to hang out of the windows TE NL O withyourworkmateholdingontoyourlegsand S IW E N T I D E Dyfed joined when the business was in its infancypraying that he wouldnt let gotodays health and having only been established three years earlier bysafety would have had a fit!!Kens father, Barrie at its base in Pwllheli.Joining as a fitter, Dyfed remembers those days well as PeninsulaAshowroomwassoonopenedinGaerwennext was the first PVC manufacturer and installer in Northtothefactory,andthecompanyprogressedfrom Wales, but importantly it was also the only companysellingandinstallingwindows,doorsandpatios to employ installers rather than using a team of sub- toconservatorieswhichledtoBarriemakingthe contractors.Dyfedsaid;Thatwasinitiallywhatbolddecisiontopurchaselandandrelocatethe attractedmetothecompanyashavingtheirownshowroom to its current site in Gaerwen which was teamofinstallersmeantthatthecompanycaredlater expanded to accommodate the factory.Dyfed about and had a level of responsibility to every jobtakes up the story; Barrie was an engineer by trade that others couldnt match. so we used to manufacture and assemble most of the Progress was swift and Barrie soon opened a factoryinstallations in the workshop as well as manufacture on the industrial estate in Gaerwen, Anglesey whichthe tools we needed, and we only bought in things employed four fabricators and Dyfed relocated to belikerafterswhichagainmadeusveryunique,so one of the fitters on the island.I remember thosewewereabletogrowanddiversifyasthemarket changed.It also meant that the jobs we did were'