b'12Stock Car RacingDave Murphy is one of our fitters and hes an avid stock car racer, so Sponsorshipwere delighted to announce that we have become one of his official sponsors.Dave has been racing since 1993 and he is the only registered driver in Wales.His love of the sport stems from his older brothers who used to race Formula 1 in the 1970s and 80s and he was later convinced by his late brother, Nick, to build his own stock car in his workshop.Unlike the US where they race in modified saloon cars, in the UK its a F2 stock car which is a small, single seat car with purpose built bumpers to protect the chassis and driver during contact.And there is plenty of that, which is why it pulls in the crowds as the heavy hitting cars are firm favourites for the crashes and mishaps that occur when the drivers are racing for that all important win!Sadly you wont see Dave flying round Trac Mon (Anglesey Circuit) as stock care races are held on oval tracks and there are many throughout the UK from as far north as Cowdenbeath Racewall in Scotland to St Day at the very tip of Cornwall, but if you want to see Dave in action youll need to head to Grimley Oval Raceway in Worcester where you can also see his girlfriend Steph race in a ladies only formula. R E T N I W / 9 1 The racing season runs from March to November with a couple of out of season meetings to keep their enthusiasm going.Points are scored at each meeting and the more points you get, the further back you start. Starting positions are determined by the roof colour with newcomers R 0E 2 in white, yellow next and then blue and finally red.Dave currently has T -TE N a blue roof and is aiming to finish the end of the season with a red roof.L OS IW E N T I D E We wish him all the best for this season and hope he obtains his red roof!Cheese & Wine FundraiserNew Team T-Shirts for Bowling Teamfor Marie Curie MenaiBridgeCrownGreenBowlingClubhasbeen MarieCurieisahome-basedplaying this popular sport in the shadows of the famous nursingserviceforpeoplewithMenaiBridgeSuspensionBridgebuiltbyThomasBethesda Rugby ClubterminalillnessandwewereTelford for over 70 years.As a thriving community club delighted to support the Angleseywe were only too happy to answer their call for supportIts not often we take centre andGwyneddfundraisingteamin funding Team T-shirts for their League Matches. stageataRugbyClub withacaseofwinefortheirsowewerethrilledtobe Cheese & Wine fundraising eventThree Years on the Run! invitedtoBethesdaRFCs at Tacla Taid on Friday 26 April. Were delighted to have sponsored the Llandegfan FunnewClubhouseopening SandyChadwick,whoisoneofRun on the 5th June for the third year running. It wasand thanked for sponsoring ourcustomerssoweveknowna lovely evening for this fabulous community initiative1stXVteamkitandfor herforanumberofyears,isand the organisers raised a fantastic amount for localplayingapivotalrolein anintegralpartofthisteamcauses.theclubsrefurbishment whichhasraisedanimpressiveprogramme.100,000 in four years.And weThismajoroverhaulsaw congratulate Sandy and her teamimprovementstothe for adding another 1,379. raisedclubhouse,changing from the Cheese & Wine eveningroom,upstairsbararea, to this total. functionroom,office accommodationand toiletsoveranintensive fivemonthperiod,witha stunning end result.'