b'9Jan Baxter asCompanyFinanceOur Movers Janhasjoined Director,andasKenssisterwere delightedtohaveanothermemberand Shakers!oftheGraysonfamilyonboard. JanhasaBusinessStudiesand StaffNewsAccountingDegreeandworkedas anAccountManagerintheRetail SectorincludingforWalkersCrisps and Sara Lee Desserts before setting up as a business consultant. Jan will soon be moving back to North Wales and has responsibility for finance and accountingandwillalsobehelping Ken out with some of the marketing. Scott WalkerScottjoinedusasafitterinmid March.Aqualifiedjoinerbytrade, Scott has extensive experience in the tradehavingworkedforhisfamily business installing doors and windows so his relocation to Anglesey for family Jan Baxter Ian Moore Sian Robertsreasons was our good fortune.Ian MooreIanisanotherfitterwhojoinedus inmidFebruary.Ianhasbeenin thewindowtradeforover20years havingworkedacrossallaspects fromfabricationtoserviceengineer toinstallerandlatelyranhisown Scott Walker Marquis Hollandmanufacturingandinstallation business in Derby. With baby number 2ontheway,Ianandhisfamily decidedtorelocatetoAngleseyand he says both the move and joining us has turned his life round.Marquis Holland Marquis only joined us in October as a fitter but with his natural charm and skill at selling he has recently moved into a sales role, and we wish him luck inhiscontinuedprogresswiththe company.Sian Roberts Sian is another recent recruit whose potential has been spotted, so like Marquis she has moved into a more permanent sales role taking on the title of Sales Co-ordinator.'