b'7Fron GochMarkiluxWhat makes Markiluxs awnings so special? AtriwmAwnings There are over 250 awning fabrics to NewProductschoosefromsoyoucancreatethe perfectambienceonyourpatioor OpeningWhetheryouwanttosimplyrelaxoryouvecarry your interior dcor outside.You can also choose the frame colour and invited friends or family over, Markilux has athere is a bespoke service so we can new range of awnings which are an essentialmatchtheframetoyourpersonal part of making the most of your outdoor spaceshade.and prolonging the Al fresco life! Thehigh-techfabricswillmaintain their shape and colour for years and offer the highest UV protection, while also being self-cleaning and resistant torain,lightandfluctuationsin temperature.Theres a wide range of accessories to choose from including remote control with sun and wind sensors, LED lights, heaters and a dropdown Shadeplus to protectagainstglarefromlow-lying sun or as it sets.Themodern,minimalistarchitectural design will enhance the appearance of your home.Theres also a range thats specifically designedforbalconiesoreavesas well as an upright version so if youre patio is prone to some side wind then this is the perfect solution.Theres also a new Markilux Pergola which is an awning system on slender posts with lateral guide tracks, so it provides generous shading of up to 6 metres and defies wind and weather up to Beaufort 6!'