Bifold Doors

March 02 2018


Most of our customers who are thinking about renovating their homes with a rear extension or improving the house-to-garden connection will almost certainly be drawn to bifolding doors. However, is it time to move away from bifolds and onto the other solutions available? Here we will discuss the ins and outs of bifold doors and exactly why our customers continue to choose them whilst also looking into the attractive alternatives that we supply here at Peninsula Home Improvements.


Firstly, let’s look at some of the options that the bifold door has to contend with. Black steel framed doors are an incredibly attractive alternative to bifold doors. They may have been at their most popular during the 1920’s and 1930’s, but these doors have made a strong comeback due to their contemporary aesthetic appeal. Using these will make your doors a feature by themselves and not just a method of creating space. There are specific styles of furniture and cabinetry that can add further the streamline design of your living space.


Sliding doors provide a wide view of your garden from inside your home. The super-slick glazing and slim frames are all you need to see clearly into your garden and creates an invaluable sense of space. They are kept tidily on one side when the doors are shut and are only a minor presence when they are open.


A pivoting door provides a hinge-free outlook to your garden by turning each door 90 degrees. This provides customers with fantastic views as well as a rather pleasant flow of air through the house, which can be perfect on a hot summer’s day. Their slim frames will once again bring additional space and a connection to your garden even when closed.


With a glass wall you can truly maximise your available views and allow a phenomenal amount of light inside the living space. The frameless panels of glass are joined together via a structural-grade silicone that creates the seamless glass wall. With almost nothing stopping the light from coming through and unbeatable visuals it is no wonder glass walls are a popular choice for customers.


Now that we have looked into the alternatives, it is time to discuss whether or not bifold doors have had their time in the proverbial spotlight. Well, here at Peninsula, we think they are just as relevant as they ever were. If you require more space then what better way is there to achieve that than installing bifolding doors? Their ability to essentially be a wall that completely open up and provides you with instant access from your house to the garden is truly invaluable.


The metaphorical line that separates the indoors from the outdoors can be completely blurred by installing the same or similar flooring in both the living space and the terrace. Put that alongside the fact that they are kept neatly on one side and are incredibly cost effective, we can almost guarantee that the other options available have sunk to the back of your mind.


Contact Peninsula Home Improvements today to discuss your renovation and how bifolding doors can change your lifestyle and turn your dream home into a reality.

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We were worried about undertaking such an extensive project, but needn't have been. Everyone from the sales man to the surveyor to the fitters were fantastic and kept us well informed throughout the process. Highly recommend, thanks.
Mr Williams, Bangor, Gwynedd

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